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Central VA Section Officers

There are several positions open. Please contact Larry Heine, Grace Giras, Sathish Anabathula, Carlos Whaley or Tom Honec, if you are interested in serving the Central Virginia Section in any of these positions.

For a listing of all the positions and their duties, please see the Officer Descriptions page. To contact one of the officers, please click the e-mail link or call them.

Chair: Larry Heine or (540) 246-6419

Vice Chair: Grace Giras or (434) 245-8722

Secretary/Treasurer: Grace Giras or (434) 245-8722

Membership Development: Sathish Anabathula or (434) 962-5205

Professional Activities: Carlos Whaley or (434) 525-4962

Communications Coordinator (Newsletter, web site, mailing list): Larry Heine or (540) 246-6419

Student Branch Coordinator: Sathish Anabathula or (434) 962-5205

JMU Student Branch Counselor: Anthony A. Teate or (540) 568-2712

Liberty University Student Branch Chair: Daniel Paul Wernig

Liberty University Student Branch Counselor: Carl Pettiford

UVA Student Branch Counselor: Harry Powell or (434) 924-6107

Member: Ted Giras or (434) 245-8722

Member: Zhen Guo

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