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Wireless Sensor Networks

September 2004 Section Meeting

When: Monday, September 20, 2004


Kent Colling, Sr. Software Engineer, Innovative Wireless Technologies, Forest, VA. Click here for his biographical information.


Wireless ad hoc data networks have become a critical need for our nation’s military and public safety personnel for improved perimeter defense, threat tracking, and on-scene data networks. Security threats require broad distribution of sensors to monitor troop movements and proliferation of agents such as chemical, biological, and radiological materials. This type of monitoring system is only feasible via long battery life, low cost, data networks that can be rapidly deployed and self-configuring. The commercial derivatives of these wireless data networks are almost endless. Application examples include asset tracking, wireless meter reading, facility surveillance, and networking of home electronics.
Technical challenges associated with wireless ad hoc data networks are harsh RF propagation environments, network discovery and maintenance, low power operation, and ad hoc data routing. Kent Colling of Innovative Wireless Technologies (IWT) in Forest, VA will address these challenges, discuss industry standards initiatives, and demonstrate research and development activities occurring at IWT.

Biographical Information:

Kent Colling received his BSEE degree from Michigan Technological University in 1990 and the MSEE from Syracuse University in 1993. He also attended the GE Edison and Advanced Course in Engineering.
Kent is a Senior Software Engineer at Innovative Wireless Technologies and is currently leading ad hoc wireless communications network research and development activities at IWT. He has over 14 years experience in communications system and software design. He specializes in digital signal processing and embedded software design for wireless ad hoc networked products. Prior to joining IWT, Kent worked for Ericsson, Inc., where he was the platform architect of broadband cable infrastructure equipment. This position provided extensive experience in IP Routing, Quality of Service (QoS), telephony, and MAC level management of client devices. He has experience implementing voice codecs, QPSK, and data encryption for public safety radio products. Kent spent 5 years with Lockheed Martin developing beamforming, target detection, and tracking software for various arrays in the Seawolf class submarine combat system.

For more details about Innovative Wireless Technologies, please visit their web site,


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