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Use of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors in High Power Motor Control Applications

October 2004 Section Meeting

When: Tuesday October 19, 2004


Eric Christenson, Chief Software Engineer, Cableform, Inc., Zion Crossroads, VA Click here for his biographical information.


Electric Motor Controls are an increasingly important part of our industrial infrastructure. Recent advances in semiconductors and computation give compelling cost economies with electronic motor controls.

This talk will focus on industrial motor control technology, with emphasis on the synergistic effects of computers and power semiconductors. Eric will discuss both the history of power switching devices and its interaction with computing and economics. DC and AC drives will be contrasted, and the Drop-Proof DC hoist circuit will be shown.

Biographical Information:

Eric Christenson graduated with a BS in EE and CS from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in 1986. He received a master’s in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Lehigh University in 1990. He is inventor on US Patent 5,106,192 -- Absolute Phase Multiple Wavelength Heterodyne Interferometry. He has also programmed a number of embedded systems. Since 1996 motor controls have been in the forefront of his professional life - first as a programmer on the GE-Fanuc PLC-hosted motion coprocessors, targeting injection molding machines, and more recently as chief software engineer at Cableform, Inc, (Zion Crossroads, VA) targeting DC motors in various configurations.

For more details about Cableform, Inc., please visit their web site,

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