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IEEE 802.21 Media Independent Handovers

Date: Thursday, October 4, 2007, 7:00 PM

Place: UVA Olsson Hall, Room 120

Speaker: Vivek Gupta of Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR - Click Here for the speaker's bio.

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This presentation will give an overview of IEEE 802.21 (Media Independent Handover) services and how these services aid in optimizing handovers across different 802 networks and between different 802 networks and cellular networks. The presentation will look into different aspects of achieving seamless mobility and will outline the role of 802.21 in overall solution. Ongoing related activities in other industry forums would also be covered. The presentation will cover different use cases where this emerging standard is applicable and how voice, video and data applications can take advantage of these services. The presentation will describe engagements of IEEE 802.21 with other 802 groups (802.11u, 802.16g) and also with other external standard bodies and alliances such as (IETF, 3GPP and FMCA).

Biographical Information:

Vivek Gupta is a Wireless Network Architect in the Communications Technology Lab at Intel. He is currently working on architecture for multi-radio platforms that will enable flexible radio communications and seamless handovers across wireless networks. He is responsible for wireless standards development and is the Chair of IEEE 802.21 WG (Media Independent Handovers). He has been with Intel for more than 10 years and has worked on several technologies such as mobile platform development, platform power management, high-speed I/O interconnects, content protection and multimedia streaming. Prior to joining Intel he worked at National Instruments, where he pioneered development of virtual instrumentation systems.

Vivek currently holds 6 patents and has more than 20 pending in areas of mobile platforms and wireless communications. He has published and presented several technical papers at professional conferences, journals and has contributed to industry led consortia. Vivek holds a B.E from VJTI (Bombay, India) and an M.S from University of Colorado at Boulder.

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