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Smart Power Grid

Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Speaker: Theo Giras, retired University of Virginia Professor of Electrical Engineering - Click Here for the speaker's bio.

Subject: Smart Power Grid

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Electric Power DistributionComputerization of the US power grid started in the early 1960's. Some early technology advances such as area control error, automatic generation control, and dynamic daily generation optimization are reviewed to provide background for today’s concept of a “smarter” power grid.

There are three interconnected power grid regions (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) in the US - (1) Western Region, (2) Texas Region and the (3) Eastern Region.  The US grid operates in the highly deregulated, highly interconnected and highly computerized power industry to minimize cost and maximize reliability.

The goal of the session is to provide an understanding of smart power grid mission, energy choices and constraints within the framework of regional interconnection and the forum of public energy policy debate.

Biographical Information:

The session is presented by Theo Giras, retired University of Virginia Professor of Electrical Engineering. Theo Giras received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, where his major area of study was Contingency Constrained Optimum Power Flow. He served as the Director of the Westinghouse Energy Management Systems Business Unit, CEO and President of Brown Boveri Energy Management Systems Corporation, and Chief Technology Officer and Vice-President of Ansaldo Trasporti of Italy. Theo Giras holds over fifty patents in the fields of power systems and advanced train control.  He is a Fellow Engineer of the IEEE.

Please feel free to contact the speaker, Ted Giras (, with any comments about the smart power grid topic or suggestions for the presentation.

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