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ANSYS for Tablet Computer Design 

Date: Thursday October 11, 2012

Speaker: Bill McGinn, Senior Application Engineer, ANSYS, Inc.

Subject: "ANSYS for Tablet Computer Design"

View Presentation: 4.7 MB PDF


Ultra-mobile PC devices include processors, RAM, wireless communications, touch screens, and numerous other technologies that increase the mobility and functionality. This presentation will provide an overview of how ANSYS technology can be applied to every aspect of a modern tablet design. Design examples of flex circuits, SiP, touch screens, and system level compliance will be among the designs highlighted.

Biographical Information:

Bill McGinn is currently a Senior Application Engineer for Ansys Inc., a leading provider of engineering simulation software and related technologies covering a broad spectrum of applications and industries including Electromagnetics, Thermal, Structural Dynamics, and Fluid Dynamics.

In the past Bill has worked as a hardware design engineer involved in the development of RF and Microwave hybrid components, monolithic components and subsystems. Additionally, as a designer in a high-speed digital IC group, he led a software simulation and integration program, and contributed to the generation of active device models for a variety of transistor types. While working for Ansys he has specialized in high frequency electromagnetic, circuit and system level design and simulation and is involved with application development and product definition. He has most recently been involved in electromagnetic and thermal simulation of microwave components, as well as circuit and system analysis for wireless applications.

Bill is an IEEE member and has over 20 years of experience in the High Frequency Software Simulation industry covering Circuit, System and Electromagnetic Analysis, having worked for Compact Software, Ansoft Corp. and most recently Ansys Inc.

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