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UVA Clemons Library Rooftop Solar Electric Installation: Presentation and Tour

August 2017 Section Meeting

Date: Wedsday, August 30, 2017

Speaker: Taylor Brown, Technical Director, Sun Tribe Solar

Subject: UVA Clemons Library Rooftop Solar Electric Installation

View the Preseantation (1.3 MB PDF)

Taylor Brown of Sun Tribe Solar introduces the tour
Taylor Brown of Sun Tribe Solar introduces the tour



As the University of Virginia (UVA) moves to meet its sustainability targets, deploying solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on campus roof tops is a great way to achieve these goals. Sun Tribe Solar worked with UVA to engineer and install the grid tied 141kW array on top of the Clemons Library roof in Q1 2017. This presentation will discuss specifics of the Clemons design and its real-time monitoring system as well as broader concepts related to grid integration of large scale solar PV systems. In addition to the technical concepts, the financial aspects of a solar PV project will be analyzed; as panels and inverters continue to improve in efficiency while costs fall, financial payback times are rapidly shrinking.

Biographical Information:

Taylor Brown co-founded Sun Tribe Solar to increase solar PV's market share on the east coast and now operating as the Technical Director. Before launching Sun Tribe, Brown worked for Siemens Energy North America. For the first five years with Siemens, Brown was a field project manager performing modernizations and upgrades on steam turbine generators ranging from 150 MW to 920 MW throughout the United States. In his final year with Siemens, Brown became the Technical Support Manager for the Entergy & Exelon Alliance, two of the largest utilities in the country. Mr. Brown holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

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